Save Ganga Movement

Welcome to Save Ganga Movement

A Gandhian Non-violent Movement to Save the Ganga,

symbolizing all rivers and water bodies and the Giriraj Himalayas,

symbolizing all mountains, forests and wildlife. 

             Gandhi symbolizes a culture of Truth and non-violence, i.e. a

culture of pursuit of ethical perfection as the ultimate goal of life and

pursuit of selfless ethical life of universal love as it’s means.

             Gandhian solution is the surest and perhaps the only solution

to our impending catastrophic global ecological crisis.



Smt Rama Rauta,

Founder of Save Ganga Movement,

President, National Women's Organization, India

Member, Expert Advisory Committee, Ganga Rejuvenation, Ministry of WR, RD&GR, Govt. of India

Former Expert Member, National Ganga River Basin Authority,  Govt. of India

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Contact: +91 9765359040.




Blessed by:

H.H.Swami Tejomayanandji
H.H.Swami Tejomayanandji
H.H. Acharya S.N.Goenka
H.H. Acharya S.N.Goenka
Rev.Maulana Wahiuddin Khan
Rev.Maulana Wahiuddin Khan
Rev.Bishop Valerian D'souza
Rev.Bishop Valerian
Shri Sundarlal Bahuguna
Shri Sundarlal Bahuguna
H.H.Swami Nikhilanandji
H.H.Swami Nikhilanandji
H.H.Acharya B.K.S.iyanger
H.H.Acharya B.K.S. Iyanger

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Dr. Manmohan Singh



Request for Donations/Sponsorship:

We are looking for sponsors who can sponsor whole or some aspects of any of the programs listed below. You may donate individually for this great noble cause. Your little contribution can make wonders. We will put all the information regarding the donations and the expenditure, the names  the donors / sponsors  everything in transparent in our website.

We will not take sponsorship from organizations associated with businesses of tobacco/cigarette/slaughter houses/liquor. 

Donations are approved under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. We accept donations in cash, cheque, bank drafts and electronically.

Cheques/drafts can be made in favor of : National Women's Organization, Pune.

For all contributions and more information please contact Rama Rauta at the above mentioned contact details.


Upcoming programs for 2017 

1) Celebration of 30th January, the day of Gandhiji’s Punyatithi, in the form of meetings/seminars/rallies on various topics of contemporary significance with Gandhian perspective.

National Women’s Organization, Pune, has been organizing  meetings/panel discussions/seminars/workshops  every year since 1998 on 30th January  to pay tribute to our beloved Bapuji on the occasion of his death anniversary every year at Gandhi National Memorial Society, Agakhan Palace, Nagar Road, Pune, which is   a living memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Smt. Kasturaba Gandhi, Personal Secretary Shri Mahadev Desai, Secretary Shri  Pyarelal and many other persons like Mira Ben, Sarojini Naidu, Dr Sushila Nayar, etc.  who were interned there by the British Government during ‘QUIT INDIA’ movement of 1942. 

2) Celebration of 12th March, the day of Gandhiji’s Dandi March, as the Satyagraha Day for Saving the Ganga & the Himalayas in the form of meeting/seminar organized every year at Gandhi Darsan, New Delhi.

3)The 4th phase  of  the Save Ganga & Save Himalayas Yatra from Badrinath to Rameshwar  in South India to be concluded  at Rameshwaram. The main objective of our Save Ganga & Save Himalayas Yatra  is to bring together under one roof various like-minded eminent persons from different streams of life -  eminent scientists, intellectuals, jurists, artists,  political, social   and religious leaders, Gandhians, social activists, etc- and like-minded religious institutions of different faiths, & Gandhian institutions and  & NGOs, etc. to devote to the cause of creating mass-awareness necessary to save the Ganga, symbolizing all rivers and water bodies, and the Giriraj Himalaya, symbolizing all mountains, forests and wildlife and to put moral pressure on the government to take effective time–bound course of actions to save them.